EFA - Essential Fatty Acids

  • EFA - Essential Fatty Acids
  • EFA - Essential Fatty Acids

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Each day you train, you push yourself harder and harder, grinding it out with each set. Often, we forget just how machine like our bodies actually are. 

Enter EFA, our Essential Fatty Acids supplement. Keep your body’s gears operating at their fullest capacity by lubricating them with these Omega 3 fatty acids. This will also shorten recovery time by reducing the joint pain, inflammation and soreness that often comes high-intensity training.  EFA not only enhances your body, but also your mind. Omega fatty acids have been known to keep arteries clear, which will, in turn, enhance brain function. Not only will you experience increased focus and awareness, EFA will alter neurotransmitters and reduce depression. Omega fatty acids can also reduce triglycerides, reducing blood pressure and stabilizing your pulse. This will keep blood coursing through your body and help you move, perfect for any active lifestyle. EFA will also boosts HDL cholesterol (the good cholesterol), which will aid in keeping blood flowing freely through your veins.   Overall health and well being is a goal for everyone. Our bodies are machines but can only produce so much… EFA | ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS

Type Supplement
Vendor Run Everything Labs
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